Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Farm Painting

I just have to paint another Barns and Farm Painting at least twice a year. The rural areas near me just entice me gather photos to revisit again and again. Some time it would be fun to gather my plein air gear and stand on the side of the road and go at it. Today I am working my "studio" ette!
Here's a beginning of another Goode St. Barns painting.
The cows are out in the fields so I'm going to include them. I have blocked in the barns after applying a few washes of color. The sky is nearly done, I'll make adjustments later. Now I'm working on the barns and just settling them in place. I'm sure now that my center of interest will be the magic third areas to the right of the painting. I will place my darkest dark and my lightest light there. I want the foreground to be an S shape to lead us there so I'll place my grasses and flotsam and jetsom heading there. The cows will be moved around to assist too. So here is photo #1

Just starting my adventure and I can make changes as I go stay tuned....