Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Remembering Helen Van Wyk and Julia Child

ūüé®Remembering Helen Van Wyk and Julia Child.
Millions recognize Helen Van Wyk as the host of PBS Television's "Welcome to my Studio" which, for many years, was a breath of fresh air on TV for artists who wanted to know more about their craft. Rather than introducing a formula for making paintings, Helen took the time to teach the reasoning behind every brush stroke and its value in reaching the goal of a finished work. I tuned in when she was on to watch her magic. I related to her painting and her casual teaching style. She kept me aquinted to painting as I went back to college while a married mom in the early 70's managing a husband ,children and career while grabbing a moment to paint and cooking with Julia Child . These were my idols  , they said I could still be creative and paint or make soup.
I could keep my love of painting and cooking while getting a degree in nursing .Many years later I learned  how important Helen and Julia would be as they taught me the painting style of Impressionism and the art of French cooking. They sustained me through those years when my life was filled with the fun of young motherhood ,marriage and career building when sometimes I dreamed of a loft full of canvases and the smell of linseed oil and turpentine . I envisioned myself with artists in some studio opening ,admiring avant garde paintings I didn't understand ,but pretended to , sipping a pink Chablis from probably a jug with Carlo Rossi imprinted on it and biting in to those scrumptious little retro canap√©s that were inspired by Julia.
Today I toast them both with a better wine and and my perfected bites . I'm still painting and cooking with Helen and Julia . Thanks , Ladies.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pastel Painter Cooks by Sandi Graham: Painting Small

Pastel Painter Cooks by Sandi Graham: Painting Small: I recently purchased a nice pochade box , supplybox/shelf and tripod. I am planning to take it on a field trip . I have researched what supp...