Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's on the easel?

I'm working on two dune paintings now .One was started a while back and I have the underpainting started with some pastel applied that you can see in a previous post . The second was started in a workshop from last Sunday that was held by Teceyce Walter at our arts center . We discussed the style of the old masters ,Degas , Cassat and my favorite , american impresionistic painter William Merrit Chase . When looking at the pastels done by these painters it is easy to see in their landscapes the amazing marks they made to achieve the painting style so beloved by pastelists and others. Here are a few examples .
The above painting was by Degas and I am amazed by this pastel as a landscape it is a wonderful piece to study for mark making and the use of using the paper as part of the painting. 
The above painting is a Chase pastel that is as you can see a beautiful coastal painting that has such depth ,perspective  and color . There is so much to learn from this piece from the sky , water , beach and figures painted to achieve the perspective in this work.